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Equity Release – Why is it becoming so popular?

Equity Release is becoming far more popular.

It can be the perfect solutionĀ for those in a position to release money from their home without the need to make repayments and allowing them to take advantage of the monies they already have in their home.

Releasing value from your home could allow you to have a more comfortable retirement.

Why not take advantage of the money you already have in your home?

Those in and approaching retirement are taking advantage of Equity Release to do the following:

  • Retire early

  • Have a higher income in retirement

  • Travel the world

  • Home improvements

  • New Car

  • Help family with their debts

All of the above can be available to you while you:

  • Continue to live in your home

  • Have no repayments to pay until your home is sold

  • Still own your home

  • Gain from rises in property prices

Equity Release products are getting more popular by the minute and are fast becoming one of the simplest solutions to raise capital sums.