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Fund Panel

Fund Panel

To ensure we recommend the very best funds available, Connect Financial Services have their own Fund Panel.

We use many analysis techniques and utilise a selection of investment programs to assess the best funds within each investment demographic.

Having reviewed each demographic and the funds available, we have criteria that we follow to select and monitor them.

These criteria involve assessing:

  • Historic performance of the fund (in both good times and bad)

  • Industry Awards and Ratings

  • Fund managers history

  • Level of risk taken

  • Consistency of performance and risk level

  • Aim of the funds

Once we have collated our research (including the above) we select a small number of funds we believe are the ‘best of the best’ in each sector then we utilise our Asset Allocation models to create a diverse portfolio that matches your attitude to risk profile. Typically we only recommend funds from our Fund Panel, however when bespoke needs arise, we use the aforementioned research methods to select funds and asset classes suitable for your aims and objectives.

Fund PanelIf you wish further information on our fund panel, or the selection techniques and processes we follow, please contact us and we can provide you with the information you require.