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Worldwide investment growth levels now beyond pre-banking crisis levels.

Global Growth

The global growth in 2017 was considerably greater than the majority of professional forecasts had predicted.

World Bank

Following this, many have reassessed their predictions for 2018 and revisited the current growth levels.  In particular, the World Bank have now stated that current levels of growth are now not only comparable, but exceeding those preceding the banking crisis and have predicted global growth of the economy of 3.1% across 2018.

Global Growth

They also went on to state that this is the first time since 2008, when the banking crisis caused a global recession, that the world markets are pulling together and operating at their full potential.

Short Term or Long Term

Although they have stated the growth as an entirely positive outcome, they remain cautious that the growth could be short term and the economy could  continue to grow slower again after a few months.  This is partly as a large share of the unexpected increase was in the Eurozone, which has many political changes in its short and long term future.

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