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Worldwide investment growth levels now beyond pre-banking crisis levels.

By Ken Baxter | 15/01/2018

Global Growth The global growth in 2017 was considerably greater than the majority of professional forecasts had predicted. World Bank Following this, many have reassessed their predictions for 2018 and revisited the current growth levels.  In particular, the World Bank have now stated that current levels of growth are now not only comparable, but exceeding … Read more

Trump trumps Brexit as largest fear factor for investors

By Ken Baxter | 14/01/2018

Investor Fear – Trump… Not Brexit According to a survey of UK investors by MFS, investment portfolios have not been amended following the vote for Brexit.  Nor have changes been made during negotiations to trigger ‘Article 50’.  In-fact, the most common cause of investor fear is uncertainty of future decisions by Donald Trump. The fear … Read more

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning

By Ken Baxter | 13/09/2017

What is inheritance tax? Inheritance tax is charged by the government on a person’s assets (their estate) when they die.   How much of your assets will be taxed? Everything above the first £320,000 will be liable to inheritance tax.  This value is known as the nil-rate band as no tax is charged on it. … Read more

FTSE 100

FTSE 100 – The last 30 years

By Ken Baxter | 24/08/2017

FTSE 100 Index – What is it? The Financial Times and  London Stock Exchange  jointly created the FTSE 100 Index in 1984. The index traces the value of the 100 largest companies in the UK trading on the stock exchange. The name is pronounced ‘footsie one hundred’.   A simplified history From the start of … Read more

Crowdfunding Investing

Crowdfunding Investing Projects – What are they and are they for you?

By Ken Baxter | 22/08/2017

Crowdfunding Investing – Is it New? Crowdfunding investing is a relatively new term. To many this is a new method to invest in a project or venture. The method has been around for hundreds of years with modern technology making it available to many more people. The term crowdfunding began growing online in technology, music … Read more

Investments & Brexit

Brexit and your Investments

By Ken Baxter | 17/08/2017

Investments under Brexit Although Brexit has still to be negotiated, it is clear that many opportunities for investments exist.  These opportunities are performing strongly for existing and new investors.   Not as Expected As much as Brexit was a shock to many, the majority of people believed the biggest upset would be to the economy. … Read more

Inflation and your Savings

By Ken Baxter | 16/08/2017

Inflation and Savings Inflation is the rise in the prices of goods.  Higher prices can be good as profits can increase, however they can equally be bad, as consumers get less for their money and savings. Savers who utilise savings accounts with banks are comparatively better off when inflation is low as their interest earned … Read more

Investing for Children

Investing for Children

By Ken Baxter | 13/06/2017

What are the best options for Investing for Children? There are so many options in the investment world and many aimed specifically for investing for children and indeed investing in the children’s names. How do I make sure I choose the right product? Anyone can start investing for children, whether parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or family friend. … Read more

Financial Planning

5 First Financial Planning Needs

By Ken Baxter | 03/06/2017

For the majority of people, their Financial Planning needs start with the following 5. Please note each step can be considerably more complicated and there will be many situations where this list is out of order or not applicable, for example self employed people will have additional needs that will need to be considered. Rainy … Read more

The Lifetime Allowance

By Ken Baxter | 04/04/2017

THE LIFETIME ALLOWANCE Your private pension contributions are tax-free up to the Lifetime Allowance. This applies to most private pension schemes, for example, workplace pensions, personal and stakeholder pensions, and overseas pension schemes that qualify for UK tax relief. The Lifetime Allowance is a limit on the value of payouts from your pension schemes – whether lump sums or retirement income – that … Read more

Glasgow Chamber of Commerce

By Ken Baxter | 19/02/2017

Connect Financial Services are pleased to announce we continue to work alongside the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and look forward to working with them for many years to come. We are sure this will continue to be beneficial to both Connect Financial Services and the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce and we are excited to be involved with the … Read more

2015 Financial Plan

How to Decide on a 2017 Financial Plan

By Ken Baxter | 06/01/2017

Dawn of a New Year – 2017 Financial Plan What will feature in your top New Year’s resolutions? As we enter a New Year, setting clear goals is critical for the success of any financial resolutions. Year after year, achieving financial health and wealth is likely to feature in your Top 10 New Year’s resolutions. … Read more

UK Savings – 10 Year High

By Ken Baxter | 10/03/2016

Highest Savings for a Decade National Savings & Investments announced that across the UK we are now saving more than we have been at any point in the last 10 years. Averaged across us all, they believe we are saving approximately 6.5% of our income, excluding the amount we pay into pensions. This is very … Read more

UK Budget 2015

By Ken Baxter | 11/08/2015

Budget 2015 20 key announcements that could impact on your financial plans, both positively and negatively: 1. NEW NATIONAL LIVING WAGE OF OVER £9 AN HOUR BY 2020 From April 2016, a new National Living Wage of £7.20 an hour for the over-25s will be introduced.  This will rise to over £9 an hour by … Read more


New Pensions Legislation = More money for the Treasury

By Ken Baxter | 07/07/2015

New Pensions Legislation Changes to the pension system which allow those aged 55 or higher to cash in their savings will mean a substantial sum of tax passed to the Treasury. More money for the Treasury A recent project by Hargreaves Lansdown and the BBC outlines that they believe this is likely to generate approximately £700m … Read more

Pension and Divorce

Pensions and Divorce

By Ken Baxter | 19/06/2015

How do we assess what happens with Pensions and Divorce. Are you getting your fair share? – What are your options? Please read the following Pensions and Divorce summary and  if you should have any questions regarding your circumstances or options, feel free to contact us. Pensions and Divorce law have changed over the years and … Read more

April 2015 Pension Changes

April 2015 Pension Changes

By Ken Baxter | 21/12/2014

The April 2015 Pension Changes are relatively simple, but causing confusion with many as they have not been properly explained. Many people do not yet fully understand the significance of the new retirement income choices Consumer Apathy Many of Britain’s over-55s say the massive changes to retirement income announced in last year’s Budget 2014 will … Read more

2014 Autumn Statement

By Ken Baxter | 05/12/2014

What the Chancellor had to say in the 2014 Autumn Statement The key announcements at a glance Chancellor George Osborne delivered his Autumn Statement 2014 to Parliament on 3 December(2014). Much of the commentary focused on weak public sector finances data in the context of strong GDP and employment growth. While the Autumn Statement 2014 … Read more

Equity Release

Equity Release – Why is it becoming so popular?

By Ken Baxter | 23/09/2014

Equity Release is becoming far more popular. It can be the perfect solution for those in a position to release money from their home without the need to make repayments and allowing them to take advantage of the monies they already have in their home. Releasing value from your home could allow you to have a … Read more

Connect with the Community

By Ken Baxter | 17/09/2014

We take a very hands on approach in providing financial advice to ensure that we grow with our clients and the community. We are involved with a number of charities and local organisations to help those that need help to gain employment, get better education or indeed to further their career or business. Working with these organisations … Read more

Glasgow Charity

Glasgow Charity – Let’s Stop Bullying

By Ken Baxter | 19/08/2014

Bullying – Whether face to face, on social media or any other form, it can be a very serious issue for those involved. Connect Financial Services have in conjunction with Educational Media Limited contributed to the Glasgow Charity – Let’s Stop Bullying Campaign. This is a very worthwhile children’s charity that provides a information for … Read more

Educating Children – Smash Alley

By Ken Baxter | 13/06/2014

Educating Children on the effects of drugs and alcohol abuse could not be more important when these misused substances and their knock on effects cause more and more illness and crime within our country. Connect Financial Services have sponsored a large distribution of a magazine being distributed throughout Glasgow Schools to educate children on the … Read more

The Africa Trust & Aqua Aid

By Ken Baxter | 06/06/2014

Aqua Aid and their dedication to the Africa Trust allow us to give to those in the world who need help the most. Connect Financial Services have made a donation to the Africa Trust and have changed our office water supplier to Aqua Aid because they donate the majority of their profits to the Africa … Read more

Financial Times

Financial Times + Mystery Shopper = 33/35 Score for CFS

By Ken Baxter | 01/05/2014

The Financial Times recently selected our firm to take part in their Mystery Shopper IFA Review. Financial Times FT Adviser magazine continually carry out research into firms offering financial advice within the UK to both recognise those providing exemplary service and to assess what areas need improved and those that have improved. One of their main … Read more



By Ken Baxter | 19/03/2014

The budget, as usual had some changes to personal tax when earning, saving, investing, or spending your money. Below is a very simple summary of the main points that might affect the tax of the average man on the street. Tax Avoidance HMRC have put resources aside to challenge avoidance. They intend to increase powers to … Read more

2014 Budget


By Ken Baxter | 19/03/2014

The 2014 Budget made a few substantial changes to corporate finance rules: The main changes in the 2014 budget  relevant to businesses and employers are as follows: Rates Business rates discounts will be extended for another three years. The investment allowance will be doubled to £500,000. Apprenticeships An expansion of apprenticeship grants to support smaller … Read more


By Ken Baxter | 19/03/2014

Personal Finance changes in the 2014 budget affect us all and in particular people looking to take their pension monies and retire in the next few years. Pensions From 2015, pensioners will have be able to withdraw their pension funds as they like and will not be forced to buy an annuity at any point. … Read more