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Pension Advice

Connect Financial Services provide Pension Advice to personal and corporate clients (employers) throughout the UK and in particular in Scotland.

Most of us look forward to no longer having to work, however only a minority have an up to date financial plan to accommodate this.

Planning for retirement can be a daunting and complicated process.  There are many options in terms of which pension products could be used, as well as what allowances and limits are available or must be adhered to.

Pension AdviceAt Connect Financial Services we are experienced in providing retirement planning solutions for clients from all walks of life, providing advice on all areas of pension advice and where complex, we ensure we provide simple and clear information to ensure you understand your current situation, the products we recommend and what we are aiming towards.

By discussing your plans and your current situation we can put in place a plan that will outline how much to save, invest, or put aside to reach your personal retirement goals.

Planning for your retirement should be considered earlier rather than later.  No matter what stage you are at, it is important to ensure the appropriate plan is in place and then reviewed regularly to allow you to live comfortably in your retirement.

Pension legislation is continually updated, with the limits and allowances being amended and new products and requirements being added by the government.

We offer advice on all forms of pensions available and the varying pension products you might already have, including:

  • Personal Pension Plans

  • Self Invested Personal Pensions

  • Small Self Administered Schemes

  • Stakeholder Pensions

  • Retirement Annuity Contracts

  • Section 32 Pension Buy Out Bonds

  • Group Personal Pensions

  • Group Stakeholder Pensions

  • Executive Pension Plans

  • Drawdown Pensions

  • Annuities

Please contact us for pensions advice or to arrange a free initial meeting to discuss your retirement objectives and plans.