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Regardless of where you are in life it is vital you receive clear unambiguous advice on your pensions.

Whether you are starting out with your first pension, or wish to review your existing savings for retirement, there are many products and options with considerably different effects on your income and taxation, that we can ensure you understand before any decisions are made.

Let us guide you through your pension options and help you enjoy your retirement.

Pension Advice

Connect Financial Services provide Pension Advice to personal and corporate clients (employers) throughout the UK and in particular in Scotland. Most of us look forward to no longer having to work, however only a minority have an up to date financial plan to accommodate this. Planning for retirement can be a daunting and complicated process.  … Read more

Pension Planning

Pension Planning with the aim of a comfortable retirement is considered one of the most important elements of financial planning in the UK, a fact that is echoed by the amount of coverage this area gets in both the financial and regular press. The sheer volume of products available along with all the options and … Read more

Pension Products

Pension Products

Selecting the correct Pension Products can be a challenging decision with many options that could substantially affect the future growth of the plan, the level of lump sum at retirement, the income you will receive and the level of taxation you will have to pay. We analyse all your options and consider all the products … Read more

Retirement Options

Retirement Options

Understanding your Retirement Options Your retirement options as you approach the point you chose to retire, or crystallise (cash in) each of your pension plans can be as important as your choices as to which plans to use to save towards retirement.  As the secured income levels provided by annuities have continued to fall over … Read more

Retirement Products

Retirement Products

There are an ever increasing number of Retirement Products designed to give you capital sums and/or income at the point of retirement. There are many options as to which Retirement  Products you choose to fund your retirement, with the main consideration being whether to utilise an annuity or drawdown plan, or a combination of both. Annuities … Read more

Auto Enrolment

Auto Enrolment and NEST

Auto Enrolment a simple summary of your requirements and options. NEST Pensions are a major concern for the majority of employers in the UK. Below is our summary of the basics you need to know. What is NEST? It is likely that by now you will have heard about the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST Pensions).  Basically … Read more

Investment Risk

Attitude to Investment Risk

To create an investment portfolio that best meets your objectives and needs, it is important we take into account your Attitude to Investment Risk. Through use of an attitude to risk analysis system, we utilise a questionnaire with questions that cover all aspects of investing and possible outcomes, which provides us with a Attitude to … Read more


Asset Allocation

Over the years, investment professionals have analysed the affects of asset allocation and It is now widely accepted that this is the main factor that leads to controlled investment growth and limiting losses. Careful planning and spreading an investment portfolios assets across a selection of asset classes and geographical locations allows us to expose you to … Read more

Fund Panel

Fund Panel

To ensure we recommend the very best funds available, Connect Financial Services have their own Fund Panel. We use many analysis techniques and utilise a selection of investment programs to assess the best funds within each investment demographic. Having reviewed each demographic and the funds available, we have criteria that we follow to select and … Read more