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Trump trumps Brexit as largest fear factor for investors

Investor Fear – Trump… Not Brexit

According to a survey of UK investors by MFS, investment portfolios have not been amended following the vote for Brexit.  Nor have changes been made during negotiations to trigger ‘Article 50’.  In-fact, the most common cause of investor fear is uncertainty of future decisions by Donald Trump. The fear that Trump’s actions could disrupt markets is present in countries throughout Europe.

Investor FearInvestors have yet to reduce their holdings in the US and the markets most influenced by US politics.  However,  it is clear that this is something the majority were considering.  Such disinvestment would be a considerable task, as the USA is one of the largest economies in the world.  The trade agreements and trading routes reach into almost every country and sector of the globe.  Nonetheless, investors are preparing to reduce exposure to assets most affected by the current and likely US political climate.

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